Under the Sea Puppet Playtime

$ 24.99

Under the Sea Puppet Playtime Kit sets the stage for children to create their own sea stories starring felt finger puppets. Felt sea animal puppets are made just for little fingers. 

Convenient, easy to clean, and self-contained, these portable kits give kids the freedom to play wherever they go--on a playdate, in the car, on a plane or to galaxies far, far away.

Download the free Littles app for more exciting discoveries! Elements in your Seedling Littles kit will come to life with the magic of augmented reality. Hold your tablet or phone up to certain areas on the kit and drawings on the box to reveal the surprise! Plus, each kit has its own mini-game! Visit to learn more. Ages 2-4 yrs.

  • Printed cotton mat with ocean floor scene
  • Octopus felt finger puppet
  • Sea turtle felt finger puppet
  • Baby seal felt finger puppet
  • Blue whale felt finger puppet
  • Seahorse felt finger puppet